Tips on Choosing the Right Drawing Tools

If you are just beginning to delve into your creativity and have chosen drawing or sketching as your art form, it always helps that you are equipped with the right tools. Here are some tips on choosing which one is right for the job.

Graphite Pencils

These are sometimes mistakenly called lead pencils. However, they don’t really contain lead, which is why calling them lead pencils are a misnomer.

Graphite pencils are by far the best choice for beginners since they allow you to create the smoothest strokes and mistakes can easily be fixed using putty- or knead-type erasers. They come in different grades that depends on the hardness and darkness of the graphite.

If you are a more experience artist, why not consider using a woodless pencil, which is a more advanced type of graphite pencil. It doesn’t have a wood casing thus allowing you to create a variety of effects and can cover a wider area compared to the common wood-covered graphite pencil.

Charcoal Pencils

Simply put, these pencils contain charcoal that provides the artist a bolder black color compared to graphite pencils.

The downside to charcoal pencils is their tendency to smudge that sometimes makes it a bit difficult for beginners to use this medium. If you are wanting to experiment on a duo-tone technique, they are also available in sepia- and white-toned pencils.


Not only do you get to choose a different color, using inks for drawings can help you create a beautiful masterpiece. The most popular, however, would be black ink on white paper.

If you are hesitant on using ink for fear that you would have difficulty in correcting any error, you might want to consider lightly drawing using a graphite pencil similar to a rough draft.

Finalize the drawing using ink. Once completely dry, use an eraser to remove tell-tale signs of the graphite pencil. Now you have a wonderful ink masterpiece with no one the wiser.

How about you, what’s your favorite drawing tool?