Do It Yourself Artwork Mount

Do you have a pencil drawing or pastel art that you wish to display but you’re a bit worried that it would stick to the glass if you just go ahead and have it framed? Why not consider mounting it first? Read on for more the steps on a DIY artwork mount.

Supplies needed

2 Standard grade mount boards (big enough to hold your artwork)

Cutting mat

Metal ruler

Mount cutter (a sharp Exacto knife or cutter would also do the trick)

Pencil – sharpened

Hinge tape

Double sided tape


Measure your artwork for the dimensions. Decide how big a margin you want to place around the artwork.

Measure the mount boards. Make sure that the it should be bigger than the artwork being mounted.

To create the “window” of your mount, take one of the mount boards and place it face down on top of the cutting mat. Begin marking the area that you are cutting away using the ruler and pencil. Extend the pencil marks so it will have an intersecting line at the corners.

Using the mount cutter, begin cutting at a 45-degree angle making sure that you cut in the same direction.

Use the metal ruler as a guide and begin cutting by pressing firmly on the cutter so it will go right through the board. Continue cutting until all of the sides have been cut.

Check that a clean incision has been made through the board by flipping it over. Use the sharp end of the Exacto knife or cutter to help carefully release the corners.

Place the uncut board face up on your work area. Align one side of your window board to the uncut board facing down.

Attach both boards using the hinge tape. This will allow you to fold over the window board on the uncut board later.

Place your artwork on the uncut board. Flip over the window board to check that the artwork is properly aligned.

Flip over the window board again once you have confirmed that the artwork is aligned. Take great care that the artwork does not move from its current position. Putting a paper weight can help keep it in place as well.

Attach the artwork to the uncut board using double sided tape. Carefully lift the corners to avoid unnecessarily moving the artwork.

Once the artwork is securely attached, attach a small piece of double-sided tape at the lower portion of the uncut board. Flip over the window board and carefully press to firmly attach the window board to your uncut board.

Voila! You now have a mounted piece of art that is ready for framing.