Wacker foals demand Wattens: Derby time at last!

In the Gernot Lange Stadium, the first Tyrolean derby in the 2nd league will take place: Wattens wants to continue his series, Wacker II plans the surprise.

Cup end ticked off: “Only Wacker II matters”

Wattens – “The Cup is over. End of announcement.” Wattens trainer Thomas Silberberger didn’t want to say much more yesterday about the 0:3 bankruptcy in the second ÖFB Cup round in Hartberg. “Only Wacker II counts.”

And for today’s Derby opponent the Wörgler has above all praising words left: “The young Buam have nothing to lose. It is a great team: young, strong in running and playing”.

But the routine advantage is on the side of the WSG, which also wants to rely on its strength in standard situations. In addition to Clemens Walch, Flo Mader, who has torn a ligament in his ankle in Hartberg and is out of action until the international break, will also be missing.

Those regular players who were spared during the week are to return to the pitch today. Felix Adjei, among others, who made a lightning start in the Gernot Lange Stadium after a long injury break. With his speed and technique, the 27-year-old could become a weapon in the title fight. Two assists in just as many games for the man who came to Austria in 2010 from the RB Academy in Ghana underline this thesis.

With his performances, the former Viennese Neustädter also repaid the trust he had placed in him. “Who would fetch a seriously injured player?” asks Silberberger rhetorically. “After his knee injury in April, I called him and said: ‘We want you anyway’. He played back his confidence.” So it can go on for the “football professional through and through” in particular and the WSG Wattens in general. In the league, the runner-up in the table is already six games unbeaten.

WSG Wattens Achievements 

  • Austrian Second Division (West):
    • Winners (1): 1968
  • Austrian Third Division (West):
    • Winners (4): 1989, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2016

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Grumser: “Every game starts with 0:0”.

Innsbruck – Of course Thomas Grumser is aware that his foals are blatantly outsiders in today’s derby. This is confirmed by a look at the table and the squad of the Werksportgemeinschaft. But the Wacker coach would be out of place if he wasn’t also convinced that there’s something for his “boys” in the Langes Stadium: “And that’s what we’re going to do.”

The phrase that “David” Wacker II has nothing to lose at Goliath Wattens, but can only win, only costs Grumser a pitiful smile. “Every game starts with 0:0 and you always have a lot to lose and of course a lot to win.” How can the extremely young Wacker team survive in Wattens? “To appear with a healthy self-confidence, to be present both offensively and defensively. We have a plan and we have to implement it consistently and concentrated,” Grumser is convinced that Wacker’s two-man team can surprise in the derby: “But then we also need the perfect day, everything simply has to fit together. You have to be as realistic as that.” Casino Calzone has an outstanding selection of online slots.

In terms of personnel, there won’t be much change for the Black Greens, who weaken in Tivoli but are still unbeaten away. Led by captain Murat Satin (22), the strong central defender Manuel Maranda (21), the “veterans” Simon Pirkl (21) and Alex Gründler (25), but with little help from the squad of the “first“, who is known to have enough problems of its own, the Innsbruckers speculate that they won’t have to travel home from Wattens empty-handed.

Gesture heated minds: Rapids sports boss defends coach Djuricin

Bickel condemned medial interpretations of “grip on the head”: “Goes in the direction of damage to reputation!” The trainer rejected a conscious hand movement towards the fans and wants to continue fighting.

Vienna – A gesture by coach Goran Djuricin overshadowed Rapid’s reappraisal of the weak soccer cup appearance in Mattersburg (5:4 i.E.) on Thursday. Djuricin grabbed his head with his middle finger after the end of the game. As a conscious gesture to the green-white appendage, who has been calling out “Gogo raus” for weeks, he didn’t want it to be understood.

“I vehemently resist insulting our own fans in any way. I wouldn’t dream of doing that,” Djuricin stressed in a Rapid press conference. There was no reason to apologize for anything. But Djuricin couldn’t give an exact reason for his hand movement. “The game was very hectic. But to interpret something like that into the game is sad. That’s a cheek.”

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“Find it wicked and disgusting.”

The head coach received support from Rapids Sports Managing Director Fredy Bickel, who also criticized the media coverage based on ORF TV pictures. “I find it malicious – not to say disgusting,” said the Swiss about the interpretations of the supposed gesture. “Nobody is sure what really happened. For me, it’s going in the direction of damage to my reputation.

Bickel read a statement in front of the press to prevent “emotions from going through with me, too,” as he explained. He did not ask Djuricin whether he was carried away by a gesture, but he also said that he “had a certain understanding for it on a human basis”. The fans, however, could not have been interested in the hand movement at all, as their sector in the poplar stadium was far away from the scenery. See Buzz Slots here to check their bonuses and promotions!

Only the VIP tribune was within reach, from which Djuricin was subjected to severe abuse from the first minute of play, according to Bickel. That had also angered him. He had never struck anyone in his life, assured Rapids Sportchef. “Yesterday I even had to pull myself together so that I didn’t storm up to the stands.”

Djuricin’s contract runs until the end of the season. Although he’s up for discussion with the fans, his sporting leadership continues to strengthen his back. “I have an incredibly great admiration for this coach and the pressure he puts up with,” said Bickel. “For me, it goes beyond human strength. Even though he knows the mechanisms of football. Bickel: “I will also have to release a coach at some point.” But that is certainly not the case “when outsiders who don’t see behind it demand it”.

Online petition for redemption

Meanwhile, the resistance against the coach is also expressed in an online petition for his replacement. “I don’t know this underworld,” said Djuricin. He could look himself in the mirror every day. “You can’t do more than work all the time. I prefer it, I have the pressure and it’s a lot about me and that the team has its peace. But you don’t find peace in the Rapid environment at the moment.”

Everything that has to do with the team, the daily work on the pitch, is still very, very much fun for him, Djuricin emphasised. “Everything else is really hard at the moment and I don’t enjoy it at all.” But he won’t let it get him down. “There is no good or bad coach for me. There is only one successful and one unsuccessful”.

Although Rapid made a good start in the Europa League with a 2-0 home win over Spartak Moscow and was still represented in the Cup round of sixteen after the trembling victory in Mattersburg, he was also able to win the Cup in the last sixteen. In the league, however, the seventh-placed player in the table lags behind after eight rounds. Djuricin said that they are on course in two out of three competitions: “Not in the championship, we want to correct that”.

It’s home against the surprise third St. Pölten. What makes him feel positive? Djuricin: “We play at home. We are highly motivated because St. Pölten is ahead of us. We know that we’ll knock everything into it because the team is alive. We perform really well, that makes me feel positive.” But he had to allow his team to play badly for once – as happened in Mattersburg.