The cops showed Schwaz the limits

In the second round of the ÖFB Cup Schwaz lost in front of 1200 spectators with 0:6 against RB Salzburg. The feared travel problems failed to materialize.

Schwaz – When Bernhard Holaus marched on foot towards the Silberstadt-Arena yesterday at about 5 pm, the Schwaz chairman was surprised that the first cars were already passing the federal road that had been closed in the afternoon due to the World Cycling Championships.

Actually the road block, which had caused many wrinkles of concern for the Schwaz officials before the Cup hit with Red Bull Salzburg, should have stopped until 5.30 pm. “But I didn’t want to get my car there either,” Holaus grinned yesterday shortly before the kick-off. An anecdote that showed that the big organizational worries were unfounded. For the 1200 spectators the Silberstadt-Arena was easily accessible.

The problems at SC Schwaz yesterday were more of a sporting nature. Finally, Red Bull Salzburg, Austria’s best team, faced the Silberstädtern. And even if names like Munas Dabbur, Andre Ramalho, Amadou Haidara or Diadie Samassekou were missing on the constellation sheet, there were still some top-class players to be found with Xaver Schlager, Hannes Wolf or Andreas Ulmer.

Takumi Minamino Honours 


Red Bull Salzburg
  • Austrian Bundesliga: 2014–15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18
  • Austrian Cup: 2014–15, 2015-16, 2016-17,


Japan U-23
  • AFC U-23 Championship: 2016


  • AFC U-16 Championship Top Scorer: 2010
  • J. League Rookie of the Year: 2013

ÖFB Cup swanky bingo

Coach Bernhard Lampl relied on a defensive five-man bar for the Schwazern team – Harald Cihak and Pascal Burger were to provide danger at the front. However, the Salzburg team had their first match in the person of Hannes Wolf. “We’ll have to run a lot behind the ball,” Schwaz captain Tobias Vogler knew. So it was then also, but for the time being the defensive bar withstood the pressure. A long-range shot from Xaver Schlager was then after a quarter of an hour loot from Schwaz-Keeper Emanuel Ponholzer. Just like a header of the ÖFB team player a little later. The big bull chances – despite felt 90 percent ball possession – remained absent for the time being. Also because the Tyroleans defended in a disciplined manner. But it happened after 28 minutes, because after a fine combination Ulmer played an ideal Stangl pass and Takumi Minamino only had to say thank you. In a Todorovic violent shot Ponholzer was back at the post. When the Schwazers came on the offensive, it became really loud in the Silberstadt-Arena. But Smail Prevljak quickly put an end to the burgeoning euphoria in the 39th minute. In spite of further Salzburg cancelling, the team went to the break tea with a 0:2 score.

In the second half, Salzburg coach Marco Rose brought Zlatko Junzovic into the game. But the picture of the game did not change much – in the 63rd minute Enock Mwepu scored the 0:3. The substitute Dominik Szoboszlai let the 0:4 follow in the 69th minute. Zlatko Junuzovic and Christoph Leitgeb then scored the 0:6 final score.

Yesterday the defending champion showed the West League team quite clearly the limits, but it was still a football festival for the 1200 spectators. Swanky Bingo has a stylish design packed with glamour.